DENR calls for more support for ‘Coral Triangle’

DENR calls for more support for ‘Coral Triangle’



The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has appealed to development agencies and various stakeholders to further extend its support for the Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI).

Despite the country’s achievements in coastal and marine, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje stressed that there are still challenges that beset the government’s action plan.

One of which is the sustainability issue associated with the lack of funding support for the implementation of projects.

These include the establishment of the CTI-Philippines Endowment Fund, designing a coastal and marine-based payment for ecological services, and the reversion of abandoned, unutilized and undeveloped fishponds into mangrove forests as a tool against climate change.

“The establishment of the endowment fund will address the financial requirements and encourage the multi-stakeholder involvement in CTI projects nationwide,” Paje said.

The proposal for a coastal and marine-based payment scheme, meanwhile, is expected to enhance local capacity for the effective management, protection and conservation of their resources.

To enhance the country’s coastal and marine monitoring system, Paje also sought funding support for the establishment of a national coastal and marine database through an integrated information management system.

Another component of the priority programs is the establishment of a national integrated coastal management program to help improve the lives of those in coastal communities.

“The Fund will have a structured framework with targets on governance, scaling up, sustainable financing, capacity building, and the establishment of learning networks,” he furthered.

Funding requirements would reach to around $186 million, 30 percent or $55.8 million of which the government could provide a guarantee counterpart.

The Coral Triangle is dubbed as the center of marine biodiversity, owing to its high concentration of coral reef and species.

Compared with other countries, the Philippines lies right at the core of this geographical region.


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