JCI launches artificial reef project in IGACOS

An artificial coral reef which features simple block construction materials will be implemented by Junior Chamber International in Barangay Camudmud, the Island Garden City of Samal.
The project is dubbed Project Sea of Life spearheaded by JCI Manila in partnership with counterparts in JCI Davao, JCI Daba-Daba, the Island Garden City of Samal, the Philippine Ecowarriors along with private donors.  It aims to install 50 domes plus the donation of 20 solar lamps to fisherfolks and bantay-dagat in the community.
The project was launched on August 19 with former Senator Miguel Zubiri as guest speaker, the former senator is the proponent of the Philippine Ecowarriors movement which is actively supporting the Sea of Life project.
Carlo Lorenzana, project co-chair said that the artificial reef installation is the second project of JCI in the country.  The first Sea of Life project was implemented in Palawan.
He said  the site was identified through the help of a survey conducted by Daba-Daba Jaycees and City Councilor Richard Guindolman who recommended the marine protected area of barangay Camudmud.
The domes are man-made domes made up of concrete and other construction materials; this serves a fish habitat and shelter to be used to rehabilitate reefs damaged by destructive fishing practices such as illegal dynamite and cyanide fishing.
Reef Dome.   The domes were conceptualized by Chris Dearne, a General Santos –based British hotelier and diver who thought of an idea after seeing the state of local reefs (Click the image to see following story on Chris).
Dearne said they have constructed 5,000 domes in about 40 months. “These domes are normal everyday building materials, we kept it simple, nothing imported,” Dearne  said describing the man-made reefs.
He said that based on the assessments done on installed domes about 90% of the domes have attracted fish and other organisms.
Dearne added that in order to be successful these domes have to be untouched as he noticed that several fisherman still would try to overturn the installed domes to force out the fishes. Several domes were also destroyed because of ship’s anchors.
Divine Magtoto, president of Daba-Daba Jaycees said the area where the domes will be installed will be a non-fishing and non-anchorage area. The project aims to help rebuild marine life and the fishing livelihood of the community in the area.
Junior Chamber International is a leadership development organization composed of young entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals,  socio-civic leaders and other committed individuals who aim to hone their leadership skills within the context of community development activities.  By Rudolf Ian G. Alama.


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